Fabric Pots
5 October 2015



Fabric pots

Sac Pot de Espacio vegetal, fabric pots in different colors that decorate anywhere in your home, we can use them interchangeably to place a flower pot, a bush, a aromatic for cooking, because there are in different sizes, to the same time and put everything in the pot room desk children can combine with different colors, blue, red, green, white, rust, office, workshop, and as in the case of that www.silviasolerboutique.com/ They have been used to decorate the odd corner of her boutique.

Pots in géotextile design.ofrece a collection of canvas planters, designed to give a new look in the line of conventional ceramic pots. These pots of fabric can combine their formats and colors, giving a touch of bohemian and casual decor, because being made of tissue, they are light and easy to handle, allowing changes without requiring a lot of effort, while when not we use, we can be washed, folded and stored on any shelf or drawer.

Fabric pots pot, are also very useful in other Neustr stays home and bath towels as container, paper rolls vanity Appliances shaving creams or makeup …. They are also a great gift idea, just as it is, with a floor full of sweets or chocolates, giving a personal touch when wrapping, try it and see. Tell us just share with us your ideas.




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