Garden wall
14 September 2015

Although autumn comes and with them the sunlight begins to wane, the nature slows down its passage, the plants lose their splendor and it is time to create our interior garden wall . We will make a selection of the plants in our garden, terrace or balcony and see which are suitable for the interior of our home. We chose Natural vertical garden which is appropriate pocket system for our house. There are two ways to adapt either with a closed irrigation system at the request of a bomb, or else if we have a water network closely, we can take it. After the horizontal or vertical format. can be of two forms:


Garden wallJardín Vertical Mod (2)


It is a garden wall box, ideal for any room, giving the room a fresh and natural air, which will make us feel more comfortable if it fits in our house. Bringing the benefits that come to have plants around us, as it helps to dramatically improve the air in your home because they remove carbon dioxide and absorb common pollutants such as formaldehyde, which is found in some dyes and resins carpet floor, provide humidity environment, counteracting the effects of heating in winter. some recommended gift these:

Phylondendron – Filter formaldehyde
Creeper (Amelopsis) – Filter benzene, formaldehyde, touleno, and xylene
Gerbera – Filter benzene, formaldehyde, and others.
Orchid Dandrobium – Filter xylene
Phalaenopsis orchid – Filter touleno and xylene
Dracaena – Filters various toxic agents
Fern – Filter formaldehyde
COLUMN VERTICAL:Jardin-Vertical-con-riego-90x180-161x3002

The columns of vertical gardens, give an elegant look to any room in our house, a hall, saloon, garden wall as separator two stays in the same room …. Other recommended plants for their benefits in terms debugging environments are:

Palma de Bambu: often seen incredible in its interiors by spaced elongated leaves. This plant is particularly adept at cleaning the formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene.

Aloe Vera: This magnificent plant for the skin, seen by many as miraculous, and it also has a nice aesthetic touch, clean your house chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Here are some ideas to create your winter garden. We continue to report on this.


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