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11 June 2015

Murs végétalisés. Natural Pocket  90-100 R


Some points must be taken into account when assembling a vertical garden, such as place, space, irrigation, and especially what kind of plants.


Design your garden considering that, as the plants grow up, they can block his sun to those found below. You should place those plants grow best in the shade at the bottom, and they need more sun above. And the distribution is very important in the case of the Natural Pocket is completely customized, and you can choose the number of plants to be set. If they are larger put less in a panel, on the contrary if the plants are smaller, we can put more.

Choosing plants

Choose species planted given the care they require. For example, if you choose a variety that needs to be mowed, make sure that access is easy, even in the case of vertical gardens Natural Pocket, plants can comfortably handle, because bags plantation, which allow place or remove all It is best to choose plants that reach a height that you like and that allows it to handle comfortably.


Be sure to mount your vertical garden in a place that does not hinder the passage. It will place the panel in the chosen location. Height is also a factor to consider: if you put your plants too high, it will be difficult for watering and care. If you have no other choice, you can opt for a system poleas.Existen some species that grow on almost any surface. If you put any of them near the walls, they can damage paint, beams and other materials in your home.


Depending on the location of your vertical garden, being exposed to more sunlight and wind, the plants may need to be watered more frequently, it is very important to take all these factors into account. The Natural pocket allow a manual watering from above, detached, or can be incorporated irrigation system.


Installation of vertical gardens, Natural Pocket is very simple, just have to hang the panel in the chosen location, design the layout of plants, and place.



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