Pot de tissu géotextiles 5

Plant Pot

Geotextile fabric plant pots designed for growing plants, flowers, fruit and several other home and garden uses.

New planting method using fabric pots.

Pot-duty geotextile fabric with U.V. treatment

They have great utility.

By its dimensione Plant Pot and plenty of ventilation are ideal for the collection and storage of the garden.

(Nuts, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, onions …)

They can also be used to  plants, trees and shrubs. With some very beneficial features: protect the roots from extreme temperatures, enjoying a growth airy, avoiding circular growth and increasing density.

Protect the roots from extreme temperatures, enjoying an airy growth, avoiding the move and increasing its density growth.

They can be used in different types of soil and climate.

Plant Pot

They are durable, washable, reusable and recyclable making it a completely sustainable product, being able to save without taking place while not in use.

Ideal for transporting plants and orchard.

You can give them a good utility for firewood replacing the baskets of other materials that can not be saved.

Plant Pot is also perfect for transporting plants in the collection and storage of garden products such as fruits, potatoes, onions, almonds, even for firewood.

With asas- Without handles