Urban garden vegetable patch with supports MH454530RTUrban garden geotextil Vegetable patches 60l 45x45x30



Vegetable special (pepper, courgette, aubergine, etc.)

Includes four planting pots to simplify planting and divide the patch.

 PATCH with SUPPORTS 45/45/30

Produce special: tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc.


 Guide rails to place the supports.Ideal for planting small vegetables that do not require a lot of depth, aromatic plants and planting rocket, lamb´s lettuce, etc., directly….


Seed planting solution. Ideal for aromatic plant seeds due to planting pots size.

Aniseed, basil, capers, spring onion, cumin, dill, fennel, parsley, lavender, chamomile, oregano, thyme, poleo tea leaves, rocket, chamomile, etc.

 Includes four planting pots

twelve mini planting pots or four.

Vegetable patch manufactured with high quality geotextile and raffia fabrics  with high weather resistance and U.V. treated.

Ideal for creating a vegetable patch in any terrace, patio or even a balcony thanks to their reduced dimensions. They allow you to maximise your space by grouping them or placing them in a straight line depending on the space available.

Created to enable you to develop organic produce in urban areas with high value for money, featuring a design that allows you to grow your own vegetables without moving to the countryside.

They are eco friendly, flexible and convenient recommended for all ages as they do not pose any danger, particularly for the youngest, and they are a best selling gift.

Ideal for the elderly to learn and entertain themselves whilst producing healthier food without any added chemicals.

 Manufactured with permeable, breathable materials, they are as similar as possible to growing vegetables under the ground.

Recyclable and reusable, they can be stored easily without taking up too much space.